David is wearing Yoru "Night" Black Tee

“I believe the more conscious choices we can make to align ourselves with our values is a way of fulfilling our true potential of self.”

Meet David King - the restaurateur and owner behind Baldoria in DTLA. Originally from “middle of nowhere, Texas,” David credits his roots and his access to his family’s farming business with how he views the food industry and the standards it should be following. “For me, farm to table, or seasonal, or whatever the popular restaurant catch phrase is at the moment, has very little meaning because that is the only way people should be eating anyway. It’s more sustainable and healthier,” stresses David.

David is also quick to point out the inherent nature of running a restaurant – a business where roadblocks rise every day, every hour and sometimes even every minute. “The goal is to create solutions and be able to say ‘I’m still here,’” says David. He insists it’s all about learning how to keep moving forward, no matter what.



And while running around, it’s vital that David be able to move throughout his day with ease. That’s where his Third Uprising basics come into play - upping the luxury level of his wardrobe staples without adding any stuffiness.

“To put something on my body that stands for more than a Kanye quote or simply sporting an ‘in’ brand is amazing. I try to be as thoughtful as possible in life. One way of doing this is to let my clothes be a flag that’s worth flying,” says David.

He also has some advice for you – the #Upriser reading this right here, right now, “You have one life to live. In some, this phrase invokes fear. But if taken in the proper perspective, I think it is an incredible feeling. You never know when you are going to have another chance. You don’t even know if you’re going to wake up tomorrow. Why not go do something that you are passionate about? If you find you aren’t happy doing it then go do something else. No choice is irreversible. Nothing is final, except death. Live your life. Try to smile. Do things that make you and other people happy.”

So go out there and rise to the challenge – Be the #Upriser you know yourself to be.

David is wearing 3U Los Angeles Hoodie — coming soon

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