“Don’t sacrifice your personal identity.”

Meet Minh Bui. A photographer. A content creator. An artist. A woman. These are just some of the labels she wears every day, the labels she’s learned to navigate in the pursuit of success. 

Minh first came to California when she was three years old, after her family fled Vietnam. Growing up, she saw firsthand what it meant to document the daily stories unfolding in front of the lens. Her father was a photojournalist; but it wasn’t until college that Minh began to feel the tug to photograph the protests, and unrest erupting on campus. So she started clicking away, “It was really my first love … I really wanted to delve into how people are naturally, regular people living their regular lives, not models, no hair, and makeup. Seeing how events unfold around them.”



Minh thrives on the raw reality that surrounds her, the opposite of the highly constructed fashion world she’s worked in for years,

“I didn’t realize until I started working in the fashion industry how terrible it could be like, what it takes to create fashion, especially fast fashion. The type of wages that are being paid to people in third world countries, the type of work conditions, the lack of safety.”

But the world is waking up and Minh says Third Uprising is here for it. More and more, people are demanding transparency and that’s gutting the industry of its old ways. Minh says millennials will play a big part in powering this movement as they grow up and become a bigger chunk of the spending market. They’re learning the importance of putting their money where their mouth is, and she’s happy sustainability’s become fashionable. 

Minh believes it’s important to look good, feel good and be good. And she has a quick bit of advice to any #upriser reading this right now, “Believe in your self worth and everyone will believe in it as well.”

At the end of the day an #upriser strives to create a better world by being better, by choosing better.


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