“You’re stronger together. You can sit in a room by yourself and make things as much as you want but if you’re not putting it out there. If you’re not working with other people - It’s kind of useless. No one is seeing it. You’re not sharing it.”

Meet Ella Lentini, a filmmaker, who grew up in NYC. Her father, a tailor, moved to NYC from Italy and started designing men’s couture in the 70s. Her mother was a painter. Ella insists all these elements pretty much set her up to live and pursue the life of a creative. 

When she started applying to university she admits to being super stubborn. She only applied to her dream schools, despite her school counselor’s discouraging suggestion to apply to more “safety schools.” Well, she was accepted to most of them and chose to attend NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, a school that allows students to design their own major. Ella created her own path: Screenwriting as a Weapon.

“Constantly in your life you’re going to have people telling you that you can’t do things, or that all the odds are against you. F them because you can break through them,” says Ella with contagious confidence.


Ella just put out a short film she co-directed titled “I Fell” on Adolescent’s platform to celebrate National Coming Out Day, and had her first film “Piece Of Cake” close at HBO’s Outfest 2017. She’s also working on a project currently being developed into a series with 3 female leads who are anti-heroes in a dystopian society. She’s on a mission to break the barriers set up by the male dominated industry; proud of her writing and filmmaking where she chooses to focus on female-driven narratives and LGBTQ stories. Ella believes in bringing representation to characters that normally would be skewed or in some cases not represented at all. She also co-founded #TheRiotLife – a lifestyle brand collective that doesn’t sell anything – instead it’s all about bringing artists together via acceptance, kindness and creative collaboration. The motto: Live free, love endlessly, stay weird.


She sees that motto reflected in the spirit of the Uprising brand of clothing. Your clothing is your armor, and in the chaos of setlife, there’s no time to second guess. “It’s super soft. I like the fit of it. When your shirt doesn’t tell that you’re sweating – then no one will know!” says Ella laughing.

And here’s a little sobering motivation from Ella for those of you resisting your success and thinking you’re not ready to take a risk,

“I was you. Stop caring what people think. Stop caring about expectations. And if it scares you, you’re probably doing something right.”

#Uprisers are tearing down norms and building a new world.

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