“Passion is the thing that drives me.”

Meet 23-year-old Jackie Augustus a force sweeping through your social media feeds via mega-artists like Justin Bieber. This Pennsylvania native carved out a career from being a fan. Yes, a fan.

“When I was 15, I started a fan account - @BieberArmy for Justin Bieber on Twitter. Twitter was blowing up as Bieber’s fame was blowing up.” Today that little fan account enlists more than 1 million faithful followers.

But back then the teen fan caught the attention of Bieber’s manager and founder of SB Projects - Scooter Braun. He’d reach out to Jackie for direct fan feedback on exclusive content. He trusted her and his instinct was spot-on. It was a modern approach to growing artists by identifying the power of including fans in the process, bringing them along for the ride. And it worked.

#Upriser — Jackie Augustas

When Jackie was 17 Scooter reached out to her mom to convince her to let Jackie move to L.A. to work for him directly, full-time. Her mom said yes and shortly after turning 18 Jackie landed in L.A. ready to work her ass off. She started off as a social media coordinator. “I helped them bridge the gap of bringing the fans into the conversation. Now we include fans in everything that we’re doing. They’re a part of our vetting process.”

5 years later Jackie is now the head of Digital Marketing at SB Projects. She’s moved on from the day-to-day minutiae and into the sphere of strategy.

“Focus in this area has made a difference in our artists releases. All of our artists have a very specific direct connection with their fans which is amazing and it makes the biggest difference because it has to be genuine or it’s not going to last.” 

And since there’s no dress code in the music industry Jackie likes to rely on easy go-to brands like Uprising. “It fits my lifestyle. It’s easy. It’s super light and allows me to do what I do. And I look put together!”

Also here’s some advice for you #Uprisers looking to get to where you’re going, “I didn’t know what I was already doing was a job (running fan accounts) so I would say find something that you’re passionate about and follow through. Just do it and keep doing it and find ways to innovate on it. Someone will recognize it.”

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#Uprisers carve out a career path using their passion to pave the way.

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