#AmericanMade Stories: Margie Plus

July 10, 2018

#AmericanMade Stories: Margie Plus

Even with the way I look, I shatter people's boundaries of what is normal. I glow in the dark baby.
Margie Plus kind of does it all. She kills it a fashion, produces, writes and sings music with her husband and is a plus-size model / kween. Did we mention she also has neon hair? She is unique and beautiful and we are so excited to tell her American Made story. See it, below. 


Margie Plus — Singer, Fashion Blogger


Ok, so what do you do? 
Margie Plus: My name is Margie Plus and I am a recording artist. I just released my album with Paper Magazine. I'm also a style blogger and write for Yahoo! style. And, I slay. I'm a general slayer.


What's your story? 
Margie Plus: I'm from a super small town, raised by a single mom. I went to fashion school because I knewI had to get away from a small town. I worked in LA for a little bit, but got an internship with Conde Nast that then took me out to New York. After interning at Lucky Magazine and Vogue, I started my blog. After it's after I started that, when everything  kind of just started blowing up out of nowhere. 


So who is one of your biggest inspirations? 
Margie Plus: My husband is one of my biggest inspirations. I was doing fashion forever, and then when I met my husband like five years ago, he was a music producer here all the way from Norway. He sold every thing to come to the U.S. and basically start over. It's amazing to see that work ethic and drive in him to really make his own American Dream a reality. 
After a little while, we started making music together and the rest is history. Whether it was writing songs for other people or writing songs for my album, we developed an amazing, inspiring process. 



What was it like being discovered by Lena Dunham?
Margie Plus: It was absolutely incredible. It's been like five years since it happened. I basically got an email - and this was at the time I had like, 4,000 followers on Instagram - and I got this email that said, "On behalf of Lena Dunham, we wanted to let you know she's a huge fan of you and your writing." So one thing leads to another and she put me and another amazing model named Nadia in a six page editorial for Stylist Magazine and it happened to be the first time they ever used plus-sized women in a fashion spread like this.
It was from this shoot that I really saw the power of social media and how I can use it to share my voice. But not only to just share it but actually be heard while doing it. Because at the time, Lena Dunham posted me and I got like 10,000 followers immediately. I grew from there. 
What is the best part of your Day-To-Day?
Margie Plus:  The best part is it's always different. I'm either do a blog shoot, a magazine shoot, up coming press; maybe I'm practicing choreography for a performance or writing for Yahoo!. It's always new.
What about Uprising resonates with you the most?
Margie Plus:  What I love about Uprising is it's really for everyone. It doesn't matter your skin color, your shape or whatever. The brand doesn't discriminate; it's inclusive and I love that. 
I also love that it's about liberating people from society's standards.  Even with the way I look, I shatter people's boundaries of what is normal. I glow in the dark baby.


Now some rapid fire questions: 
1. If you had to leave your house wearing only 1 item of make-up what would it be? 
A bold red lip.
2. Who's currently your favorite fashion designer?
Besides Adolfo Sanchez, VFILES — their in-house designs and their curation of other young designers. 
3. Morning or night person?
Night person.
4.  Hidden talent?
It was always music and singing. Not everybody knew that I liked to sing. I can also make really awesome sequin patches. I'm really crafty. 
Lastly, what does being an Upriser mean to you? 

Margie Plus: It means to stand up for what you believe in. And trying to show that everyone is equal. Being an Upriser means doing whatever you want in a positive way. I show that by showing myself in media. Growing up there was NOBODY that looked like me. And I want to makes sure other girls see that. You need to be yourself to be the happiest. 

 Margie Plus — Singer, Fashion Blogger



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