I Am On Purpose. I am Sam Bruno. And this is my American Dream. 
Sam Bruno isn't your average musician, but an entrepreneur as well. After having one of those very tantamount "big break moments," she didn't sit on her good luck. She hustled. She worked hard. And she's built a name for herself in the industry - as a musician and as a music producer. If you haven't heard of her yet, you definitely will.
Read / watch her amazing interview below and see how she turned her American dream into a reality.



So, what's your story? 
Sam: My name is Sam, obviously. I'm from Arizona, and was raised in the tiniest little town in the mountains. Literally a one horse town. We didn't even have a stoplight! 
When I was 10 years old, I moved to Phoenix to live with my father, and started writing country songs on the piano or ukulele, which led me to singing choir in high school. I like to say I was born with music in me. 


At what point did everything change? Your big break, if you will? 
Sam:  Well, this is kind of a long story but bear with me. I started recording music in a studio when I was 20 years old. I was basically singing other peoples songs, but the owner of that studio, back in Arizona, hooked me up with a producer named Lifted so that I could start writing my own music. 
About a year after recording music with him, he came to LA, had some meetings and ran into Kanye West at Good Music Camp. Kanye listened to a few demos of ours and he was like, "Yo, get that pop girl out here with the dope melodies."  
So for a week I wrote music with the Good Music camp team, and one of the nights I pitched Kanye a songs that I wrote. I could literally see him vibing out to the music and he turned to his people, pointed at me and was like, "I want this one." And that is the moment when everything changed. That "I belong moment." I knew I was in the right space at the right time and I just knew I belonged.



What was the biggest shock out of this experience?
Sam:  I literally went from writing songs on the floor in my parents bedroom with no money to the Lansboro Hotel with Kanye West within 12 hours


What was the best advice you've ever received?
Sam:  After the Kanye experience, where I actually wrote a song on his Cruel Summer album, my mentor said to me, "Well, you better put your head down and get really good." So that's what I did. 
The song that I wrote on Kanye's album opened every music publishing door in LA. Because I was a Kanye writer, I was able to sign with BMG, one of the biggest music production companies in the world. 


What deterred you from giving up? It couldn't have always been easy.
Sam:  One of the biggest things that stuck out with me is something else that my mentor said and that is "LA can afford your dream." So I planted my seed and watered it and knew that if I kept at it, it would grow. And that is exactly what has happened. 
I've signed with Atlantic Records. My first single as an artist was "Search Party," which was the Fox Film Paper Town's theme song. I also have a song out with Skrillex called Red Lips. I'm also one of the few rising women in the music industry who is also a producer.   


Now some rapid fire questions: 
1. I cannot live without..
2. Dream vacation? 
3. Guilty pleasure?
4. Most prized possession?
My heart
Lastly, what does the American Dream mean to you? 

Sam: It means never giving up on yourself. I always knew I would move to LA and that I was going to make it. "Make it" to me meant that I wasn't going to quit. I had to make it if I never quit, right?




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