“While I couldn’t save my mom, I could save myself.”

Meet Sierra Nielsen an ex-Entertainment Exec turned Trainer and Teacher of Self-Love. It was 2 ½ years ago that her life took a tough turn. “It wasn’t until I lost my mom to cancer, she passed away from Stage 4 Lymphoma, that I really realized just how important my health and well-being were and that I have nothing without them.” 

Sierra admits to dipping into a dark place while struggling to make sense of her loss. She kept looking up “What’s the cure for grief?” and what she found was that the cure for grief was motion. She had to move. And since motion and mind go hand in hand, she started looking inside as well, “I had to start inside and that’s what really helped me. I dove really deep in personal development and self-love.”

Now she’s inspiring so many through her social media accounts as well as motivating her virtual and in-person clients with her open-hearted approach to wellness. In the New Year she’s releasing her online program - Your Soul Sexy – a body and soul transformational program that incorporates fitness, nutrition AND self-love.

She’s keen to tackle the trouble with how society focuses solely on the aesthetic of fitness without working on self – what she calls the real Inside Job. She was noticing that even when people were reaching their physical goals they’d end up more insecure or even unhappier. ”When you come from a place of hate, you’re not going to be successful, you’re never going to be truly fulfilled.” 

And as Sierra moves around helping others she’s always looking for brands that help her do just that and right now showing our Uprising threads some love, “It’s functional and I can go out in it. I don’t feel restricted.” 

With the New Year upon us, Sierra offers up some realistic resolution tips.

First - “Cut it with the extremes! You can really mess with your head and get in that negative self talk cycle.” And that’ll just burn you out before you even start. So chill and realize that little setbacks are just a part of it.

Second - Focus on how you want to feel. “You get the most success when your purpose, your goals and your emotions are all aligned.” If you keep up with this you realize you don’t need the approval of others, jus be happy with yourself.

Third & Lastly - “You have to start the year from a place of unconditional love.” Don’t aim to be perfect, aim to be better. “It can be something little like having a daily gratitude practice and practicing it every single day.” Much like working out a muscle, you have to work on self-love.

Her advice to #Uprisers comes in the shape of a mantra, “I love myself enough to take the steps to be where I want to be.” #Uprisers work on themselves from the inside out so that they’re ready to welcome success. 

Happy New Year #Uprisers! Go out and make it happen!

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