#AmericanMade Stories: The Yoberts

June 05, 2018

#AmericanMade Stories: The Yoberts



No matter where you live or work, you should and can always be yourself. There will be someone out there to support you.
Meet the Yoberts. We mean #Uprisers, Cristian Young: 👦🏻and Corey Roberts: 👦🏼.
They met in college and have been in a relationship for almost 10 years now, currently running a lifestyle blog, that discusses all the things. From food, fashion and travel, they also dive into how they came to be a couple and some of the obstacles they faced (and conquered!) with their blog and relationship along the way. 
In honor of PRIDE month, we sat with these two at our pop-up party to talk about making their American Dream a reality, and how they continue to lift and inspire those around them. 


Okay, so give us a little background on how you met. 
Cristian: Well, we met back in college and it was a little tricky because we were both in fraternities. At the time, being gay wasn't as accepted as it is now. We were in an environment surrounded by our brothers and friends and yet - it's hard to gauge what someone will think. You in fact might feel alienated, yet you still don't want to alienate others. 


What was the hardest thing you had to overcome to get where you are? 
Corey: We let fear run the early parts of our relationship. When we actually decided to come out as a couple, we never felt more love or support. It just gave us that realization that fear shouldn't run your life - and that realization gave us the ability to get the ball rolling on everything else (i.e. The Yoberts!). 



How did you get started? Was it always a dream to start a blog? 
Cristian: I'm a techie and Corey's in music. We each had our own aspirations and both ended up in New York. It's important to follow your dreams - whatever they are. More often than not, they won't actually play out the way you planned but something better will come along. After five years there, we moved to Los Angeles and have been here for two years, running the blog and seeing where life takes us. 


What is the biggest takeaway from your blog?
Corey: The biggest takeaway from our blog is that feeling of community wherever we go. Not just from the LGBTQIA+ community but the network we've been able to get to know by just traveling through life has not only carried us but uplifted us as well. 


Now some fun questions: 
1. Finish this sentence:
We cannot live without our coffee in the morning!
2. Dream vacation? 
Corey: A glass house, on a cliff, overlooking a fjord, somewhere in Scandanavia
Cristian: Discovering India by train 
3. Guilty pleasure?
Corey: Taco Bell's Cheesy Gordita Crunch
Cristian: Singing JLo/Marc Anthony love ballads alone in the car 
4. Most prized possession?
Corey: A Minolta camera that used to belong to my grandpa
Cristian: An engraved Skagen watch from my mom for my college graduation  
5. Hidden talent?
Corey: I have quite a knack for roller skating tricks.
Cristian: Gleeking on command (google it, it's super impressive)


Lastly, what does the American Dream mean to you? 

Cristian: Feeling supported and loved. No matter where you live or work, you should and can always be yourself. There will be someone out there to support you. Especially here, within Uprising. 



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