Transparency is key. Our local factories and lower prices go hand-in-hand with our ultimate goal: to reinvest into our community.

We like to keep things simple. The current manufacturing ecosystem consists of fabric mills, print & dye mills, and garment factories. Within this ecosystem, our team has deeply embedded roots in Los Angeles; roots that we want to continue to soil.

With production local to Los Angeles, we can disrupt traditional retail and overpriced e-commerce by hand-selecting specific factories that are process-driven and lean. This, coupled with no wholesale pricing structure gives us the ability to provide premium merch at an affordable price.


Let's compare pricing of our premium, moisture-wicking material to that of fast fashion and luxury retailers.  In luxury retail, this enhanced performance wear can be marked up 8x by the time it reaches you, the customer. That's also why we're exclusively available online. Because we can eliminate the brick-and-mortar expense and pass these savings on to you.

Uprising True Transparency

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